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September 12, 2007


Tom Russo

You're right, RSS is not the only way to provide automatic updates. However, there's a cost to EIA and also you.

Of course there's the dollar cost. I also wonder whether EIA is really effectively disseminating their reports as well as they can with RSS. Also, most energy websites have Content Management Systems (CMS)that have the ability to syndicate content using RSS.

Then, there's your email box which is subject to spam. I use My Yahoo which allows me to keep my personal email in front of me and also allows me to use RSS to get the news I really want. It is rather nice to just see the news pop up free of spam.

Doug Houseman

EIA does not use RSS, but they do use a mailing list server. It pre-dates RSS and is very active. I have signed up for several notifications and recieve each of them as new versions of reports are released. Since most of what the EIA releases is file based, I prefer this to RSS. Several other organizations also use list servers. RSS is not the only way to provide automated updates on new information.

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